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Awards Dinner Fully Booked!
The Awards Dinner on 19 October is fully booked with a new record of 1,740 attendees. If you did not reserve a seat for yourself and/or for your guests during Match Registration, it’s too late now.
Non-shooting Regional Directors, Match Officials, Sponsors and VIPs have seats reserved by their respective organisers.
There is also some good news and some not-so-good news.
The good news is that any Region that can at least fill a table of 10 will have reserved seating, so people do not need to make an undignified scramble for tables when they arrive at the venue and the doors open. A Table Locator Map will be posted outside the entrance to the venue, and each table will have a table sign prominently displayed on it.
The not-so-good news is that we cannot accommodate everyone in the main venue (Jenkins Arena) for the dinner portion of the evening, because the maximum capacity is 1,180 people (118 tables of 10). The excess will be seated in a satellite room (Sikes Hall) situated a 1 minute walk away.
Note that due to Fire Safety regulations, tables cannot have more than 10 seats. Aisles must be clear in case of an emergency.
However, people assigned to the satellite room only need to stay there to eat dinner. As soon as the meal is finished, you will be ushered into the main venue and given comfortable seats in the bleachers, so you will not miss any of the entertainment, speeches or award presentations.
Although this is not a perfect solution, it’s the only solution.

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