How to get your hunting license?

The examination of the hunting license is organized, on behalf of the State, by the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife, with the assistance of the departmental and interdepartmental federations of hunters.


The candidate must register in advance with the Departmental Federation of Hunters and attend compulsory theoretical and practical training sessions, before taking the hunting license exam.

Steps to take

Registration for the hunting license exam is possible from the age of 15.

Where can I register for compulsory hunting license training?

Contact the Departmental Federation of Hunters in your department.

How do I register for the hunting license exam?


The Departmental Federation of Hunters, responsible for your training, will give you a registration file comprising the CERFA form n ° 10654 * 06 “application for registration for the examination of the hunting license”.

You must attach the following documents to your CERFA form:

  • Photocopy of an identity document (national identity card, passport, up-to-date family record book)
  • Bank or postal check or money order corresponding to the amount of the examination fee (16 euros) made payable to the Accountant of ONCFS.
  • Medical certificate attesting that the candidate is not suffering from one of the medical conditions or infirmities mentioned in article R. 423-25 ​​of the environment code.
  • Documents below relating to national service obligations from 16 to 25 years
    • the candidate is under 16 or over 25: no proof is required
    • the candidate is between 18 and 25 years old: you must attach to the request: the certificate of participation in the defense preparation appeal day or a provisional certificate if the candidate has not yet participated in the appeal day , this document must include a validity date oran individual exemption certificate

      exception: the candidate is a girl born before January 1, 1983 and has no proof to produce

    • the candidate is between 16 and 18 years old: you must attach to the request: a census certificate orthe certificate of participation if he has already participated in the defense preparation call day.

At the end of your exam

  • Successful completion of the theoretical and practical exams allows obtaining a “certificate of success in the tests of the hunting license examination” .
  • This certificate must be attached to the “Request for a hunting license” (CERFA form n ° 10801 * 04) to obtain your permanent title (hunting license). Remember to do this as soon as possible because your certificate of achievement is only valid for a limited period (see below) while your permanent title is for life.

PLEASE NOTE: the period of validity of your certificate of completion

The certificate of successful completion of the hunting license examination tests makes it possible to apply for the permanent title of the hunting license within two years from its issue.

Special Handicap

The practical tests of the examination for the issue of the hunting license are adapted for people with disabilities as follows:

Case of people using a wheelchair:

  1. If the configuration of the land allows for wheelchair traffic, the candidate performs the simulated hunting course with blank shooting except for crossing the fence and crossing the ditch. He can be accompanied by people of his choice to help him move around the entire course.
  2. If the configuration of the land does not allow wheelchair traffic on this course, even with the help of guides, the Departmental Federation of Hunters may set up a special temporary arrangement aimed at installing a launcher in an accessible area that would allow the candidate to find himself in the three shooting or non-shooting situations provided for the simulated course. The other two workshops, “live fire” and “running boar”, remain unchanged.
  3. In any case, if a major problem of adaptation of the terrain arises, all measures should be taken to allow the candidate to take the practical tests on the site of the nearest Departmental Federation of Hunters.

The hunting license inspector will schedule a session adapted to the situation, taking into account the time required for the examination of this candidate (at the end of the examination session, on a specific day, etc.). To limit travel, the candidate may, if he wishes and as far as possible, follow the training and the practical exam on the same day.

Force majeure

For the practical test, as for the theoretical test, cases of force majeure may prevent you from taking the tests.

Only the cases below constitute cases of force majeure , in all other cases, your absence will require you to re-register for the exam and repay your registration fees.

  • Invitation to a school or university exam, driving license exam, etc.
  • Invitation to a mock exam for the same tests
  • For apprenticeship candidates, notice to attend the compulsory CFA teaching week
  • Hospitalization (candidate, spouse, child)
  • Sickness
  • Accident before examination, commuting accident
  • Professional obligations:
    • Hiring day / job interview
    • Compulsory pre-employment internship or training
    • Business trips
    • Special professions (sailors, soldiers, duty doctors, etc.)

The request to postpone the invitation to the exams must be made in writing and accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents.